Corporate Policy

ECKA Granules relies on the following principles:

Core Competence
We distinguish ourselves from our competition through our innovative technology, performance and materials. We strive to meet and surpass the stringent quality requirements of our ever growing customer base as well as exceeding the environmental protection and health and safety requirements.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal. We continually aim to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Health & Safety
Our employees are equipped with the most up-to-date personal protective equipment (PPE). All our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure our employees have the safest possible working conditions.

We respect and protect the environment and take appropriate actions to minimise any and all detrimental process effluents. We comply with all current statutory environmental regulations at all of our manufacturing locations.

Through our planned processes and appropriate preventive actions we pursue a strategy of preventing non-conformities in quality, environmental protection and health and safety. We consider housekeeping an essential part of our process for the prevention of non-conformances.

Zero Defects
It is our goal to achieve zero defects by using controlled processes.

Continuous Improvement
We pursue a policy of continuous improvement in quality, environmental protection and health and safety.

Communication and Training
We can only achieve our ambitious goals with the help from our committed and highly qualified and trained employees. Our management style focuses on:

  • Information and communication
  • Certification and training
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