ECKA Granules – The Key to New Technologies

ECKA® Granules is an international leader in the metal powder business with a history of more than 130 years. Our three main operations are alloy manufacture, metal powder manufacture and application technologies. Our worldwide locations mean that delivery service and technical assistance is always easily accessible.

Our products include ingots, pellets, granules and powders of aluminium, magnesium, copper, tin, lead, zinc, silicon and alloys of these metals.

The benefits we offer are quality of products and excellent customer technical support thanks to our world class Research and Development units.

Our production processes use the latest technologies to provide our customers with their exact product requirements.

The ECKA® development team works constantly on the development of new products and applications, often in conjunction with universities.
This leads to new market opportunities for our customers in a wide range of industries including automotive, electrical engineering, electronic and IT sectors as well as chemical and medical engineering and many more.

Examples of our innovations can be found in the ready-to-press premixes ECKA BROMIX® and ECKA ALUMIX®. With ECKA® TEGOSTAR a new and environmentally friendly plain bearing material has become available to customers.

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