Alkyls, Fatty Alcohols, Catalysts, Ethylbenzene, High Purity Oxides, Nitrides, Al-Chlorohydrates for water treatment and antiperspirants.

Metallic Coatings

Aluminium Pastes for Automotive paints and plastics, Inks and a variety of Surface Treatments.


De-Oxidation, Exothermic Welding, Foundry Sleeves and Alloying Tablets, Casting Powders and Aluminothermic Reactions for Ferro-alloys.

Powder Metallurgy

Sintered Parts, Extruded Parts, Metal Injection Moulding, Composite Materials, Thermal and Cold Spray and Rapid Prototyping.

Explosives and Propellants

Mining Charges, Shock Tubes, Fuels for Aerospace and Fireworks.


Photovoltaic Panels, Polysilicon, Soldering and Brazing, Anti-Static Floorings, Thermal and Electrical Conductive Materials.

Molten Aluminium is dissipated by high pressure gases using a variety of Ecka Granules proprietary atomising nozzles. The liquid metal solidifies into particles which are collected and separated into the desired particle size distribution.

The ECKA Granules is the World's largest manufacturer of Aluminium Metal Powders. The plants in Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Germany, Slovenia and the USA as well as our global distribution sites, cover the market demand for a wide array of applications and geographical requirements of its expanding customers base.


We can tailor our Aluminium powders to meet the most stringent Customer desired Chemistry, Particle Size and Particle Shape specifications.

With our state-of-the-art atomising technology and powder processing capabilities such as screening, classifying, blending and coating, developed with more than 130 years of experience, we ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability and product quality. Our Process Technologies are extremely versatile and offer a unique ability to adjust process parameters to maximize yields of required fractions that ultimately benefits our Customers.


We devote a tremendous amount of resources on Research and Development. We work internally with our global leading R&D facilities and through joint development projects with Customers and Academic Institutions to develop new products focused on cost savings and improved properties. Pilot Plant Atomizers, industrial sized presses and furnaces are just some examples of how we help our customers transition from lab scale to production runs. Our Tech Team of chemical and metallurgical engineers and chemists is dedicated to work with our Customers on their processes to offer solutions to specific problems and to improve performance and yield whenever requested in many industrial sectors.


Atomized Aluminium Powders with sizes ranging from coarse >1.5 mm to superfine <2µm powders.

Classified Aluminium Powders with very narrow size distribution.

Aluminium-Silicon12 Alloy Powders sizes ranging from medium <500µm to fine <45µm.

Atomized Aluminium Alloys Powders, Alloys Series 6xxx (Al-Mg-Si), 7xxx (Al-Zn) and 2xxx (Al-Cu), 3xxx (Al-Mn), 4xxx (Al-Si), 5xxx (Al-Mg) and a wide array of custom made alloys powders.

Aluminium Granules/Pellets of spheroidal shape with sizes from 2 to 20mm.

Other specialties are Super High Purity Aluminium Powders (>99,98%), Aluminium Powders Blends and Coated Aluminium Powders.
ECKA Granules continues the development of:

Aluminium Metal Foams for structural parts and architectural purposes.

Special Aluminium Powders and Pastes - ALC - for high quality cellular concrete bricks.

Secondary Aluminium Metal Powders and Secondary Aluminium Metal Granules with Aluminium content ranging from 40% to 99%; a cost effective high performance product derived from the reprocessing of Aluminium Foil and other Aluminium bearing scrap.

ECKA ALUMIX® - Aluminium Based Premix Powders

Ready-to-press premixes for the production of aluminium parts with low weight, high strength and good corrosive resistance.

Main applications:

Shock absorber parts
Bearing cups
Connecting rods

Typical grades:

ECKA  Alumix 123 (AlCuMgSi)
ECKA  Alumix 321 /AlMgCu)
ECKA  Alumix 231 (AlSiCuMg)
ECKA  Alumix 431 (AlZnMgCu)

Atomized Aluminium alloy powders

ECKA Granules is the leading company in production of atomized aluminium and aluminium alloy powders. The aluminium alloy powders are produced on pilot and production scale gas- and air-atomizers. Gas-atomization is resulting in spherical aluminium alloy powder and air atomization in irregular shape. State of the art melting technology, perfected nozzle design and controlled powder collection combined with our high safety standards guarantee high-tech powder production to fulfil the specific needs of our customers.

Main applications:

PM aluminium parts (via press and sinter)
PM aluminium semi finished parts (via compaction and extrusion)
Additive manufacturing
Chemical industry

Typical grades:

Custom tailored Aluminium alloy powders in a wide variety of alloy compositions and cuts are available on request
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Platinum Equity
SCM Metal Products Inc.