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The global leader in aluminum and copper based powders with over 100 years of history has decided to combine its long standing brand names into a single unified name, Kymera International.

“While all three companies continue to thrive and grow, it was challenging for our customers, suppliers and even at times our employees to appreciate that we were all part of one organization”, said Barton White, CEO.

Kymera is an adaptation of Chimera and represents the idea of multiple forces coming together to create one strong entity. White and his team believe that this is exactly what having ACuPowder, ECKA Granules and SCM Metal Products under one common brand name will achieve and that it will no doubt benefit all of its global supply chain partners.

Management recognizes that ACuPowder, ECKA Granules and SCM are all known and respected brands and so they will continue to use these names under the Kymera umbrella until its global Supply Chain Partners become familiar with the new name. Since they will be slowly introducing Kymera International to the marketplace, no immediate changes will occur including, billing (e.g. invoicing and banking), contact details such as email, or, packaging/labeling.

All three companies will have one common website: www.kymerainternational.com. “Instead of surfing around multiple web pages, our customers will be able to go to a single site to solve all of their material requirements”, said White, who also indicated that a temporary homepage is now accessible with links to the three current websites and noted that a fully functional site will be launched during the second quarter of 2017.

New name, same global leader and true Pioneers in Material Science®.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Rest of World:

    Giorgio Mutti – SVP Sales/Marketing
    Direct: +41 (62) 8661051
    Mobile: +41 (79) 3043581
    Email: g.mutti@ecka-granules.com
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